Environment matters… more than we think

Today was terrific for a Friday! I started with a swim before work.

Then Charlie came along with me to a session at the park. (Believe it or not, the environment can play a HUGE role in the quality of a meeting. ) When a person is anxious, just being in nature can provide a few moments’ peace. Both the park and Charlie were a huge hit! In fact, my furry friend was invited to join us again.

After putting her to work, I took her over the bridge so she could check out the geese.

20130622-000407.jpg Then we paused and posed like a couple of goobers.

After that, Charlie went home and I headed to the Wai’oli Lounge

for a pick me up and paperwork. (Thanks for the tip, KP!)
20130622-001735.jpgThe view was stunning, and the vibe was calm and soothing. It was a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of Starbucks.

“Wai’oli” means “happy water”. No wonder I like it here.

We wrapped up the day with take out from Lucy’s Taqueria. My taco salad was only “meh”, but V’s fish burrito was outstanding. On the bright side, Tuxedo, Hoku and Jack were happy to help me out. They thought it was delish and I’m pretty sure they wished I had ordered more! 😉



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