A coffee experiment gone wrong

Presenting “Princess BooBoo”.

Yes, I know that’s awful.

“Charlie Rose” has a waaaaaay better ring to it. But she’s been telling me lately (psychically of course), that P.B.B. is her real name. Vea isn’t a fan (that’s putting it mildly) and has taken to calling her “Fugly”.

Please at least pretend to be shocked in a couple of months when I announce that she seems to have a personality disorder!

On top of translating telepathic messages from my furry friend, I’ve been having a grand ol time. After an early morning HUT workout, I ate my breakfast at the beach.

20130618-201459.jpg A fellow beach goer observed that I had “a very photogenic banana” as I attempted to snap a shot that would make you smile. Said beach goer made me giggle.

Work was good, lunch was good,

Iced coffee with skim milk and sugar free coconut syrup, not so good.

Not their fault. It was a spontaneous experiment gone wrong. Oh well. You win some, you lose some! If that’s the biggest loss of the day (and it was), not doing so bad!

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