Eat, PLAY, Love

A month ago, I was a rat on a wheel: trying to team with unappreciative, grumpy, stressed out people. In doing so, I contracted a serious case of flaming bitch-itis.

Symptoms included pasty pallor and soul-less eyes, disappearance of patience and compassion, a rash of snarky finger pointing, and failture to filter what I was really thinking before I said (meanish) things out loud.

It was time for a break.

It’s been three weeks since I turned off the “on call” phone and set out to reclaim my life. My agenda was simple: become a loving being againI had only a vague idea of how to make this happen, but I actually saw my cluelessness as a good sign.

My only plan for vacation was to “have no plan” and, more importantly, take care of myself.

It worked perfectly. With each week, layers of stress melted away. By week three I was actually relaxed and, yes,  feeling loving toward myself and others.

 I ate:


It was National Donut Day… enough said! 🙂

And played:

Making a mermaid in the sand 🙂

and loved:




I’m pleased to report that this experimental treatment has cured the F.B. condition! Going forward, I will adhere to this prescription (boosting with time in nature as often as possible) as a preventative measure.

You know what they say… “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”




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