Scenes of a slow-down

Well, well, well. 🙂 This was a pretty awesome week: lots of sunshine, time to read, fresh fruits and veggies, more time outdoors and plenty of exercise. Here are some snapshots of healthy, happy moments (for which I’m truly grateful!!)

Tuesday’s carrot/apple/cucumber/pear juice.

20130524-222029.jpgI’ve been enjoying healthy snacks



and fresh juice all week long 🙂
20130524-222539.jpg It was great to have time and space to clear my head:

20130524-222744.jpg Another indulgence – spending more time with my favorites.

20130524-223158.jpg Lucky for me, one of the pineapples was ready to eat. Yum!


20130524-223548.jpgAnd today, after a run/walk, I took a little day trip / short hike.





To top it off, I came home to this view:

20130524-224358.jpg which was followed by a beautiful bright moon.

20130524-224902.jpg Not too shabby, my friends. Not too shabby at all!



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