Just breathe.

When was the last time you sat still for longer than 15 seconds, without being hooked into your appointment calendar, smart phone, iPad, laptop, kindle, paperback book, tv, the sticky web of your own racing thoughts or actual conversation with another human being?

I’m betting that it’s probably been a while.

We live in a culture that respects being “busy” and devalues “stillness”. There are those of us who say we want a break from it all, but a little peace and quiet goes a long way.

The truth is, we’ll do just about anything to escape the unfiltered reality of our lives. If the pause we were asking for lasts too long, a smoldering panic sets in. We fill the space with all sorts of distractions and numb ourselves out. All the while, we criticize (and perhaps secretly envy) those who manage to live a quieter, simpler way.

I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted from the effort it takes to mentally live in three places at once.

It looks a little something like this: beating myself up (over the past), thereby suffering needlessly (in the present), while striving to build myself up (to create a better future).

I suspect I’m not alone here.

While the reasons we do this are as varied and unique as the lives we live, the result is the same: we’re spinning our wheels like crazy, without really getting very far. Our greatest efforts are wearing us out, tearing us down and blinding us to the powerful potential of each present moment.

Let me say that again, another way:

The only moment we actually have is now. It’s the only moment we will ever really have, and unless we willingly face and truly embrace that which is NOW, very little will change.

I know, I know… we’ve heard this all before. But have we actually listened?

Signing off now, with plans to get real quiet, real soon, and just breathe.


6 Comments on “Just breathe.

  1. I couldn’t agree more! One of the reasons we don’t get quiet is the very fact of change – if we stop long enough to hear what our heart has to say, we will likely be confronted with the truths we are running from knowing. And know that we have to make a change! Good for you for taking the time to breathe 🙂

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! (And it sounds like you’ve been hanging out with some yogis! ;))

    Getting quiet and staying in the moment — without thinking about our to-do list, the lame thing we said at that party, the food we’re going to have for lunch, etc. — is soooo hard.

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