Lettuce gets a makeover!

Do you know anyone who celebrates their birthday not just on the day but the entire week? Or even the whole month?

Hawea’s mom does that, and I think she’s on to something!

Cinco de Mayo was yesterday, but I think we can all agree that tacos taste good no matter the day!

Tonight’s dinner was tacos with ground chicken, and chances are we’ll be enjoying the leftovers tomorrow. The question is… Can the ol’ digestive system handle it? 😉


Speaking of digestion, I’m feeling clueless about whether or not a bunch of roughage is good for my recently patched up parts.

As far as I know it’s not hurting me any to have a salad a day.

The next question is (and I asked my friends N and K to weigh in on this one): what’s the secret to actually enjoying lettuce, vs simply tolerating it ?

The answer: an image makeover. Instead of viewing it as “roughage”, we decided to think of it as “sexy food”. That inspired K’s vision of rolling around in a bed of lettuce with her husband. N agreed it might be fun to stuff it in her cleavage and let her hubby nibble away.

And that, people, is why we’re friends. We’re completely ridiculous, easily entertained and more often than not, we’re just a little wrong.

N being all “come hither” with her lettuce:

I may never look at a salad quite the same way again. And, remind me now… wasn’t that the entire point?

2 Comments on “Lettuce gets a makeover!

  1. Great ideas about enjoying your lettuce more – I have a much more mundane suggestion. Make sure you’re including a wide variety of lettuces and greens in your salads. Nothing is more boring or lacking in actual flavor than iceburg lettuce!

    • Thanks for the tip. I hadn’t really thought about it before. I tend to be lazy and get the spring mix from the store, or the pre-washed baby romaine. Spinach is my friend too. But the other day I picked up a pre-made salad that had a variety of greens in it- it did make a difference…

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