I’m a crappy “Health Activist”

Has anyone noticed that I abandoned the Health Activists Writers Month Challenge after a measly two posts ?

Just curious. Every time I see a post by someone who’s actually committed to keeping up with it, a little voice in my head revolts. “I’m not doing that and you can’t make me. Don’t even try!”


I knew it wouldn’t be comfortable but that’s why I decided to do it. My rationale, if you remember, is that growth happens only when you’re willing to leave the comfort zone.

Guess what? I forgot to consider that I would need a compelling reason (other than growth for the sake of growth) to push me through it. And I don’t have a really good reason to follow a series of prompts to talk specifically and exclusively about the crappiest part of my life for 30 days straight. To be honest, I couldn’t fathom anyone wanting to read it.

So here’s the bottom line. I’m working at living  more openly.  It feels good to be less guarded and more transparent. But I’m still me. And this writer’s challenge just ain’t my style. Yes, I’m hungry – but I’m hungry for health, and vitality and joy and happiness, and writing about Crohn’s daily leaves an ugly aftertaste.

It’s time to time to clear this challenge off my plate and make room for something a little sweeter. Nom, nom, nom!!!


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