Photo-happy Friday

This was a beautiful day, made even better by the fact that it’s Friday!! I’ve come to really appreciate the weekly drives up the Hamakua coast.

View from the scenic lookout point:

As a bonus, I was surprised with a free lunch, which I decided to enjoy at Laupahoehoe Point.


Since I was already there, I took a few minutes to soak it all in.



Here’s the view from afar. Nice lunch break, huh?

When I made it back in town, I cleaned out my car before going back to work. It was slightly disturbing to realize that my car has become a closet on wheels. I stripped it down to the basics, and this is what was left. Reusable grocery bags, check. Work bag, check. Beach bag, check! Yoga mat and beach chair, check-check! (A pair of running shoes is buried in there too).

It’s nothing short of a miracle that my car is this clean. Anyone want to wager how long this will last?

Signing off, hoping your Friday was as lovely as mine, and wishing you a happy weekend!


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