Death By Warm-Up

Life has been pretty crazy lately. In the past week, exercise was hit and miss. Ideally I’d like to do SOMETHING, even if it’s just a walk, every day. In my view, it’s just REALLY IMPORTANT not to take a healthy, functional, capable body for granted. Dedicate d movement is a privilege, not a chore. And the more I view it that way, the more appreciative I am of all of it.

Tonight was another round of New Horizons, followed by the HUT session. People!! If you live in Hilo and want an opportunity to challenge yourself, GET THERE. A few short weeks ago I was complaining that it’s boring to work out alone and hard to maintain motivation without a fitness buddy. These people have solved that problem! You’ve heard the saying “be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.” Time after time, this proves to be true.


Jenn’s picture from last week, side crunch action.


I wish I would’ve snapped a pic of  tonight’s warm-up board: 20 burpees, 20 push-ups, 40 criss-cross (bicycles), a jog across the bridge, and stretching. I must have been having a wimpy day because that actually wiped me out.  And that was only the beginning. That’s when I realized that today the only victory might be in just showing up. And you know what? I’m okay with that. I gave it all I had, and even stayed around to do the next session, pushing where I could, forgiving when needed. It sucked to not be able to finish the final round of stair hops, side shuffles and walking lunges, but I shook it off and once the workout was done, I went back and finished. The HUT group was fun too (in a slightly  torturous kind of way). All in all, it was about 1300 calories burned, which is good because I was a food-lovin fool today!

photo 4 (29)

Frittata with spinach, mushroom, onion, garlic, chicken sausage and “Monterrey Jill” cheese. Soooo good!

Funny story: As I added the picture to this post, I just realized that I haven’t put dinner away or done the dishes. How did that happen? It’s 11:20 pm and I’m wiped out, that’s how!

Here’s to a day well spent, and making a life well lived. 😉 Off to do dishes and then hit the hay.


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