This is Merrie Monarch week in Hilo. For those unfamiliar, Merrie Monarch is a huge annual hula festival on the Big Island. Dancers and spectators descend upon Hilo for a week of entertainment and competition. It’s always “kind of a big deal” (my observation) but this is the 50th year. The images below were the result of a quick google search.

Pretty cool, huh?

So this explains the start of my day: Volunteering at the Arts and Crafts fair,  in support of the Humane Society, on behalf of Target.  I ended up working at a t-shirt booth that was selling shirts for the Humane Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Habitat Restore. There was also a great selection of Lava dirt t-shirts for sale at reduced prices:

photo 1 (27)

Here were a couple of cute designs:

photo 5 (20)
The last rule on the list is “I’m in Hawaii. Life is good”. I couldn’t agree more!

photo 3 (24)

It was a morning of live music, handcrafted jewelry,

beautiful flowers,

photo 1 (26)

photo 2 (28)

And a bit of the unique:

photo 2 (29)

I was charmed by these little watercolor pendants.

photo 4 (27)
Depiction of an erupting volcano.

They were so magical. Like something my sweet little grandma would enjoy.

photo 5 (21)

And of course, there was food!

I confess, I’ve never had a poi ball. Therefore, I can neither confirm nor deny their onolicious-ness. 🙂

photo 1 (28)

After the craft fair, I went to work, and then wrapped up the day with a New Horizons workout at Coconut Island.

Finding the motivation to go was tough, so I changed into my workout clothes and got myself there with 30 minutes to spare. I told myself that I was winning the war by just showing up, and that the rest would take care of itself.

I was totally right. It was a solid core workout with some upper body work and a focus on the hip flexors and a couple of cardio breaks. Check out this photo of the HUT group using suspension bands attached to the trees:

photo 4 (28)

I have to admit, if ever a workout was fun, this is it. It’s pretty hard to be grouchy and unmotivated when you’re with a group of people who are giving all they have to improve themselves. Oh yeah, it doesn’t hurt if the group has gathered by the ocean!

I’m really impressed with the crew who’s pulling this off. Not only have they put together a quality program, with enthusiasm and a positive attitude, but it’s FREE.

I repeat: FREE.

Translation = There really are no excuses.

photo 3 (26)
This is the face of gratitude, appreciation, determination and satisfaction.

And last but not least, dinner. We had steak with green beans. Vea had a small red potato, and I opted for leftover sweet potato. Are you getting sick of seeing it? (Because I’m kind of getting tired of eating it!) I found some baby romaine in the fridge so had some of that too.

photo 5 (22)

Yogurt and M&M’s for dessert. 🙂

All in all, a pretty great day! Ready to see what surprises tomorrow will bring.


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