Introducing Mr. Peepers!

photo 2 (4)

Happy Easter!!! I wish I could say this is what I did today… but there are a few holes in that story:

a) I don’t own a bunny suit (anymore)


b) I don’t know how to stand up paddle (yet).

We still managed to have an awesome day. I started by sleeping in (thank you Vea!!!) and proceeded to rock my polka dot jammies until almost noon. Then it was time to read the paper and have breakfast:

photo 1 (19)

I don’t know if it’s holiday mode or what, but my appetite seems to be HUGE today! Thanks to healthy inspirations all around me, I started with the juicing again:

photo 3 (19)

and then later tried this to fill up:

photo 2 (24)

Egg on top of 1/4 avocado, with a slice of Canadian bacon, a wedge of laughing cow swiss cheese, and 1 tbsp salsa verde.

The day took a slight turn when Vea discovered a couple of fledglings in the yard. Unfortunately, one met his demise with Jack, but she was able to get the other one and put him back in the nest. A while later, she returned only to find yet another little baby (quite possibly the same one as before) on the ground.  Super V  to the rescue!

photo 1 (21)

Of course, she set this little guy up in style. Is anyone really surprised to learn that we’re site of a residential rehab facility for baby birdies, complete with shredded newspaper for nesting and a  cottage cheese container condo with a lovely archway cut out for it’s entrance and exit? I’m reluctant to admit that I did name him already (Mr. Peepers -in honor of Easter).   Thanks to a google search, review of the Big Island Bird Rescue guidelines and a check-in with a friend who’s fostered all sorts of babies, this little guy has a treatment plan in motion already.  We’re both realistic enough to know his chances are slim, BUT…. miracles can happen, right?

To distract us from the constant chirping (he’s a pretty vocal little chick) we played a couple rounds of Scrabble.

photo 5 (17)

As you can see, Charlie was on my team, while Hoku supervised from the yard.

Charlie and I won – both times!

The validity of the victory has been called into question by Hawea, who noted that more than once I discovered I had 8 tiles in play (the rules only allow 7) and the time she busted me in forgetting to write down her score.

Truth be told, Charlie decided that the 2nd game was over before it actually was and hopped onto the table, scattering the tiles everywhere. We were down to the final selection of tiles, and I was ahead by 5 at that point. Translation = WE WON!

(Thanks, Charlie! You can be on my team any time.)

All in all, a wonderful Easter. Thankful and blessed, we are.

Hope you and yours had an equally terrific day! x0x0 – M

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