When it’s good, it’s really good.

Happy weekend everybody!!! I had a great week, I hope you did too. Here are some of the highlights, I hope they make you smile. ūüôā

It was a super sunny Friday morning. I made a Starbucks stop before heading to work and stopped to adore the flowers. It’s SO SO SO IMPORTANT to appreciate the little things!

photo 3 (18)

At Starbucks I ¬†got a coffee with sugar free hazelnut and picked up cinnamon swirl coffee cake as a treat for my first client of the day. His reaction was pretty funny: stoked to get a snack, but bummed that I didn’t make it myself.

The drive up the coast was gorgeous:

photo 5 (14)

I’m so grateful to work out of a natural office¬†these days.

It’s a good reminder that I really shouldn’t EVER complain about going to work.

photo 4 (22)

Tonight’s dinner was a fried fish experiment. ¬†We tend to avoid fried foods (it’s not so tummy friendly) but she had a craving.¬†This was the second time swai appeared on the menu this week.¬†The¬†fish was first dipped in unsweetened vanilla (yes, vanilla) almond milk (it was all we had!), then coated with almond meal and crushed crackers before frying.¬†¬†It was served with an advance apology in case it was the most terrible meal¬†ever made.¬†The vanilla situation concerned me a little, but I’m a pretty¬†adventurous eater.¬†The apology was COMPLETELY¬†unnecessary¬†.¬†¬†It was awesome.

photo 2 (22)

My second favorite meal of the week was from Ken’s House of Pancakes. That place has a great retro vibe! I ate about¬†a half of this meal, had the other half boxed and gave it away. It was a little (but not much) healthier than it looks: an egg scramble using egg beaters, spinach, mushrooms and onions; veggie sausages (not a big fan), and hash brown potatoes. What I REALLY loved were the whole wheat chocolate chip coconut mac nut pancakes with a splash of lilikoi syrup. What can I say? It seemed like a good idea after doing a Jillian workout and going for an hour of intervals and hills. ūüôā

photo 4 (20)

Will run for pancakes!

And last, but not least, the workouts: I did another week of Jillian’s Body Revolution. I did several days of intervals and hills using Lolo Beatburn app, and¬†I also fit in¬†a few¬†walks. I¬† also started New Horizons:¬†¬†a free group fitness class facilitated by Hawaii Urban Training, held Tuesdays and Thursdays at Coconut Island (5 pm and open to the public).

photo 1 (12)

Can you believe the beauty?

photo 2 (19)

Check out the homemade kettlebells (above). Concrete poured into milk jugs, they weighed between 17-21 pounds each.

In the first session, we did a warm-up jog with stretches, then used cables attached to coconut trees to work biceps and triceps; we used park benches for tricep pushups, did sprints, burpees, planks, and some yoga poses. All with this in the background:

photo 4 (21)

The next session I went to was a core workout – it was a good challenge, especially considering the weakening of my ab muscles since the surgery. It was a little shocking to see how week my lower abs are, but that only makes me more determined to make them stronger. I’ve been walking around today REALLY feeling the effects of last night’s work !

photo 1 (15)

After the session was over, I went for a quick jog in the park. It was raining and I forgot my hair tie, but all was well. I just noticed, it seems a little excessive to have not one, but TWO phones at a time like this.

photo 2 (21)

Oh well, I’m not complaining! Grateful for all of it! For the job, the phones, the challenge, the music, the people. For the beauty of this life, for happiness, health, and feeling strong from the inside out.

Wishing you all a happy healthy Easter weekend, complete with Chocolate Bunnies, Cadbury cream eggs and a plethora of Peeps.

Muuuuah! xoxo

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