If everything aches, does that mean I’m doing it right?

Oh em gee!!!! My body HURTS!!!! I guess that’s evidence that I’ve successfully kicked my bad-assery up a notch (last week’s goal). I finished Week 1 of Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution and actually had several 2x/day workouts last week.

I took two rest days (Saturday and Sunday) and am back at it again today. I did another round of JMBR Workout 1 today. It’s definitely on the easy side and geared for beginners, which is good, considering that I’ve done a lot of backsliding in the past few months. The thought of increasing intensity in the coming weeks is a little scary, so I choose not to think about it and stay in the now. So far, that approach is working just fine.

After Jillian today, I took Charlie Rose for a quick walk and finished up with an hour of intervals using the Lolo Beatburn Treadmill/Outdoor Trainer. As a solo exerciser, I’m in love with this app. It offers the ability to customize the workout (length, treadmill or outdoors, walking, running or intervals, focus on speed, distance, etc.) It also provides music with the relevant bpm for the pace, and the trainer pipes in with different cues. This has been helping prevent boredom AND is pushing me in new ways. It’s definitely a keeper. My only complaint (and so far it’s a small one) is that the music seems kind of repetitive. The app does offer the option of using your own music though, so that’s easily fixed. For now, I’ll deal with the same old sounds since the bpm helps me stay on track.

Here’s some of the scenery I’m lucky enough to see when I’m motivated enough to get outside and GO:

photo 1 (7)
Mauna Kea. It’s hard to feel anything but blessed when I stop to see the beauty around me!

So I realize I referred to the JM workout as “easy”. That was probably a mistake and I halfway expect Jillian herself to arrive at my doorstep and scream at me for such disrespect. In truth, there are modifications that can be made to increase the intensity – adding jumps to create a plyometric exercise, or adding weights to increase the resistance. Or both. I did opt for the harder options (since it’s week 2). It must be the combination of regular squats, chair squats, sumo squats with hops, lunges, warrior poses, and hill sprints that is making my booty feel the burn.

Since a friend of mine has recently turned up the heat in her own workouts, I sought her perspective on the aches and pains. She said she loves the burn – it’s what tells her she’s pushing hard enough.

Isn’t that attitude  incredible? With that in mind, I’m  embracing the pain. I’m actually kind of proud of it. It takes a lot of work to earn aches like this ! 🙂



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