The ocean makes everything better!

It was great to spend some time outdoors this week – after weeks of gloomy rain. I’ve been missing the beach a lot, so when we had some sunny days, I took advantage of the sunshine and headed to the water.  It’s hard to believe that something I love so much has only been part of my life for a relatively short time.

photo 2 (23)

Lunch at Coconut Island: Turkey wrap with cheese, tomato, sprouts and lettuce on a spinach tortilla.

photo 1 (20)

Tuna salad in a stone fire pita, with cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and sprouts.

photo 3 (17)

Garbanzo beans sautéed in a garlic vegetable broth with kale, over white rice. Salad with honey balsamic dressing.

photo 4 (18)

Leftover garbanzo beans, tuna salad (with greek yogurt instead of mayo), and veggies.

photo 5 (12)

Today’s lunch – my favorite.  Vegetarian summer roll lettuce, carrots, sprouts, cucumber, avocado, rice noodle and rice wrap) , peanut sauce on the side.

I’m so grateful to be able to eat this kind of food in abundance! Sometimes it’s hard to believe (even though I clearly remember)  that it was ever any different. I think that’s a great sign though – moving forward, embracing good health and running with it!

3 Comments on “The ocean makes everything better!

  1. You take the most awesome pictures of food! And I only spent 4 days in Hawaii but know I would love living there!

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