Tangy jumbo shrimp with peas and peppers

So, thanks to my clients’ generosity, I’m now HOOKED on jabong. Hooked, I tell you!  I ran out on Wednesday, and knowing I couldn’t get more until Saturday, decided to pick up a regular grapefruit at the store for comparison’s sake.

photo 1 (19)

photo 2 (22)

Truth be told, I liked the jabong better. This was good – but brought to mind my pink grapefruit facial scrub and my pink grapefruit lip balm (Burt’s Bees). Apparently I’m one of those rigid people who can’t have a lot of crossover going on. Who knew?

I had a craving for the tangy jumbo shrimp at Panda Express yesterday, so that’s what I had for lunch:

photo 3 (16)

It was pretty good and they even snuck some veggies in there!

For dinner, we recycled some cabbage soup from the freezer. It was day before payday, does that explain it all? Vea tried to help it out with a can of black beans and some kielbasa. She ate hers with rice. It was edible, but after WEEKS of a restricted liquid diets (during past flares), it takes A LOT to get my vote.

Tune in soon to see what’s new on the menu..

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