Juicy Jabong (Do you even want to know?)

On Friday night I was browsing articles on Pinterest when I came across an article about weight management. Supposedly studies have shown that people who eat one grapefruit a day are more successful with weight management. That got me to thinking… “Hmmm. Grapefruit. Never tried it. Wonder if I’d like it??” I then made a mental note to pick one up at the store for a trial run.

The next day, I was visiting clients at their new home, when one of them asked me, “Do you like grapefruit?” My eyes narrowed and into squinty little slits as I tried to assess how she crawled into my head and read my mind. She quickly  explained that there was a tree going nuts in the backyard, and they couldn’t keep up with the yield.  I confessed that just the day before I was planning to busy some.  Long story short, they sent me home with an entire bag full.

I was pretty proud of my haul, but I wondered if it would pass inspection. Vea took one look and declared “that isn’t grapefruit!  I think it’s jabong.” Yes, you know what I was thinking. ” WTF is jabong?” A google search for “Hawaiian grapefruit” cleared it all up. It’s known as pomelo, also called jabong by the Japanese. According to good ol’ google, it’s a “grandfather to the grapefruit”.

Supposedly it has the same fat burning enzyme as grapefruit, and … I really didn’t want to know this, but now that I know it, you have to know it too…”grapefruits and likely pomelos are the only known fruits containing spermidine, which is also found in human sperm.” WHA….??? Did I read that right? Continuing on… “A laboratory-based study found spermidine to protect cells from processes related to aging and cell damage.”

Great. My breakfast and human sperm in the same sentence. I don’t feel too good about that. Good thing I decided to eat first and research later. 🙂

photo 1 (15)

Read on for “10 Reasons to Enjoy this Fabulous Fruit” (source – YogaKat @ HubPages)

1. Taste  – “Sweet with a hint of grapefruit tang. A curious mixture of melon-like sweetness with a citrus tang…”

2. Low calorie and low fat – ” Pomelos have 0% fat and 72 calories per cup – a dieter’s delight. Both grapefruit and pomelo contain a fat-burning enzyme.”

3 . Fiber content – “Pomelos, like grapefruit, have a fiber content of 8% daily value. Eating fiber also keeps your bowels healthy and prevents colon cancer.”

4. Vitamin C – “Pomelo provides 193% DV of Vitamin C. ”

5. Heart health – “Pomelos have 410 mg of potassium per serving, which like Vitamin C plays a role in supporting the heart. ”

6. Cancer fighter – “The Chinese use the rind of the pomelo in many dishes. The skin of the fruit is very rich in bioflavonoids. This property is helpful in reducing pancreatic, intestinal and breast cancer. In fact, it stops cancerous cells from spreading further.”

7. Antioxidants – “Most notable pomelos are loaded with antioxidants that are believed to help slow down the aging process and protect against some diseases – including heart disease and cnacer – as they help rid the body of free  radicals.

8. Anti-aging – (See the reference to spermidine above)

9. Medicine – “When chewed slowly it’s said to cure hangovers. A lotion made from the pomelo plant’s leaves is used to alleviate sores and swellings. It is also used as a sedative for nerves. The Chinese use the entire plant to make medications that cure coughs, car sickness and indigestion. A paste of pomelo rind and ginger can be applied to joints to ease arthritic pain.”

10. Availability and storage- “Pomelos keep for a week in the refrigerator, or for a few days left at room temperature. Freeze their juice in ice cube trays to keep for longer periods and add a citrus zest to recipes. ”

Has anyone reading this ever tried it? If so, what’s your opinion? Like or dislike – and why?

5 Comments on “Juicy Jabong (Do you even want to know?)

  1. I don’t think I have ever had a pomelo. Plenty of ruby red grapefruit but never a pomelo. I may have to see if I can fi d one and give it a try!!! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful health benefits!

    • You haven’t tried it yet? You might want some sugar / truvia on hand to sweeten it a little. Vea thinks you can probably get them at the Farmers Market. I’m already trying to figure out where I’ll get more once this supply runs out.:)

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