Margaritas, enchiladas, paniolo spanish rice…

photo (2)

First things first: my little buddy Charlie Rose is nuzzled into the crook of my arm as I’m typing. I’m taking that as an order to gush about her cuteness before I talk about anything else. 😉 She had another trip to Shear Magic yesterday to get all prettied up. She was pretty disappointed that she didn’t get to come along and show off her fancy bows, so we made up for it this morning with a little cruise around town. One more set of shots (next weekend) and then we can be a little more adventurous in our travels!

Before reading the rest of this post, you should be advised that this might make you really hungry! I think it’s entirely possible that the pictures I’m about to post could cause you to gain forty pounds in the next three minutes. Proceed at your own risk.

Today was a nice day, we celebrated Christy’s birthday and had kalua pig with rice and spinach. It makes me smile when Hawea makes this – it’s the dish she made the first time I ever ate her cooking.  Plus, it’s really darn good.

photo 2 (18)

Last night we enjoyed chicken enchiladas (made with pepperjack cheese)  shrimp enchiladas (made with cream cheese), paniolo Spanish rice  and lilikoi margaritas at Leslie’s birthday party. She served an ono bean dip covered with a layer of gooey cheese – no pictures of that because we were too busy eating it. Same story with the cake… (white with lilikoi glaze and lilikoi frosting)… served with Kona Mud Pie ice cream.  I was too busy chowing down!  Just digging out these pictures is making me drool a little.

photo 2 (17)
The chicken batch
The shrimp batch - so so so  good!
The shrimp batch – so so so good!
photo 4 (16)
Cookin’ in style
photo 1 (12)
A drink for each hand. But the margarita wasn’t to be missed. It was National Margarita Day a couple of days ago, after all.

photo 5 (10)

And, on a final note…  for all of you braving the blizzards and surviving snowstorms, here’s proof I’m thinking of you!

photo 1 (13)

A handcrafted (incredibly awesome) erupting volcano cap. Doesn’t that just warm you right up? 🙂


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