It’s Hubba-Hubba Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Wherever you were, however you spent it, and whoever you spent it with, I hope you felt LOVED!

I sure did. I guess I’m on a happy streak these days.

What made today special:

  •  I paid it forward to a friend’s fundraiser. It’s one of those things I’ve been meaning to do but I actually executed.
  •  Catching up with my sister on messenger. She’s going through a lupus flare with a lot of pain, but has a positive attitude and a heck of a lot of grit. I hope I’m even half as helpful to her as she’s been to  me.
  • Bumping into an acquaintance at the store who was so super encouraging and motivated me to keep running. So thanks to Amy – it was an awesome boost and makes me want to lace up first thing tomorrow morning. Well, maybe second. Coffee is always first!!
  • Getting a text from my friend Jess right as I was thinking of her!! We always seem to be on each other’s brainwave. But what else could you expect from friends who share a birthday, and who happened to have the same car (same color and everything) when we first met? And would you believe…. her husband is one of the techs for the surgeon who did my emergency operation?? (He wasn’t in my surgery – but what a crazy small world!!)
  • Catching up with my friend Nikki and hearing that all is well. Receiving good advice and backing up our friendship vows.
  • Being surprised with a new kettle bell and some pink calla lillies for my old lady chill zone. The perfect blend of thoughtful and practical.
  • And last but not least, making fancy schmancy grilled cheese for Vea for dinner. We had a buffet of mini sammies on sourdough with a variety of cheeses:  gruyere, Havarti, brie, white wine with garlic. I threw prosciutto in hers, and mine featured turkey and cranberry pepper jelly. She’s not a “sweets” kind of gal, but salty/crunchy/ chewy earns a few points.

It’s interesting that the most rewarding moments were the ones of connection and … LOVE!

And now, some scenes from the day:


Banana with peanut butter


Grilled Sammy – with brie, cranberry pepper jelly and sliced turkey. Soup: Tuscan tomato basil bisque (Safeway Selects)



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