Grow anyway.

Earlier this week, I caught a glimpse of this little guy shedding his skin. Transformation in all it’s simple glory.

photo 1 (3)Sometimes the thought of growth is scary. Especially when it seems that the present reality no longer fits, and the details of the future have yet to take shape. Trusting life to fill in the gaps may feel like a giant act of faith – but as Mr. Lizard demonstrates, expansion and growth is simply a natural part of being alive.

This little blog of mine is taking me places I never knew I wanted (and needed) to go. It’s a journey toward truth and authenticity. There are times when I want to stop and turn back- simply because I can’t see what lies ahead.  In those moments, I fiddle and stall and write about things like lip balm and flamingos, and hope you’re distracted from the fact that I’m trying to distract you from the fact that I feel aimless and lost.

If I’m being honest (and that’s the whole point of this, right?) then I’ll admit that lately I’ve been spinning my wheels without really going anywhere. But is that really such a big deal? Whoever said that life has to be direct, precise,  and controlled anyway? (Oh yeah, I know a few people who think in terms of black and white, folks who would love to dictate the fate of the entire world. But who says they’re right? ) Maybe the beauty in life truly does lie in the gaps between what’s known and proven to be true. Perhaps the most powerful choices really  are the ones made at the cross roads of intellect and instinct.

Lately, my gut has been telling me to take a cue from nature. Surrender to the unknown. Know that control is an illusion.  Trust that life will get it right. And grow anyway.

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