I hereby confess to a lip balm addiction.

Wow!!! Is the weekend over already? You know what that means…..MONDAY MORNING COFFEE!!!!

photo 3 (10)

Yes, I know this is a Starbucks cup, but I’m a full spectrum coffee consumer. I’ve been checking out local businesses lately and discovered a neat little hole in the wall that fits the bill a couple of times a week. I haven’t revealed it’s identity because … well… sometimes it’s good to disappear every once in a while. The coffee quality has been hit and miss, but vanishing into thin air is totally worth it.

On to the good stuff: my weekend!
After teaming up with V to do some cleaning, I did a kettlebell workout, followed by kickboxing. It was my first time with the kettlebell, and  it was actually pretty fun! It only worries me a little that I kept visualizing the weight slipping out of my sweaty grip and crashing into the tv, or the screen door, or the windows. There’s something breakable in practically every direction. I confessed my concern to V who suggested I just stay facing the tv, since it would be the cheapest item to replace if I get a little nuts. I’m curious to see how my body will feel tomorrow, since a lot of people have told me they did it ONCE and hurt like hell. Hence… no second workout.

I’m happy to report we enjoyed some healthy snacks:

photo 1 (29)

Tuna salad on Japanese cucumber slices with grape tomatoes – veggies from the farmer’s market

photo 2 (18)

I also went grocery shopping – although I took a detour from the mission at hand and ended up here:

photo 2 (17)

Reed’s Bay Beach Park

Everywhere else in town was crammed with people, who were enjoying the beaches and their weekend. That’s awesome for them, less so for me, since I was in a solitary, introspective sort of mood.

On the way home, I looked down to notice an abundance of lip balms in my console. SIX, to be exact.  Along with breath mints and a stash of hair clips.

photo 3 (23)

I arrived home to a fire roaring in the woodstove. It was chilly today and this was completely perfect. Such a nice, relaxing vibe to wrap up the weekend with.

photo 3 (20)

We teamed up in the kitchen to make dinner, and watched an episode of The Good Wife.

This, my friends, is what contentment looks like.

Happy Monday!!!


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