A return to fresh food

Here we are, halfway through January already! Right about the time that resolutions start to fizzle and fade (if they haven’t already).

One of my goals was to keep posting pictures of my food – to support better snack / meal choices. Today was a pretty good day:

photo 2 (3)
The Yoplait greek (100 calorie) yogurt is new – and pretty good! It seems to be one of the better choices on the market for sugars (lower than most) and protein. Plus, it’s tasty!
photo 3 (5)
Snack time – ranch dressing and baby carrots

photo 1 (15)
Romaine lettuce with ground chicken burger, tomatoes, pepperoncini slices. Not too shabby.

Not pictured: the 4 pm trip through Taco Bell (fresco style tacos) and the spaghetti, garlic bread and salad for dinner. 😦 If there’s no picture, it contains zero calories, right? (I know, lame!!!) Even though I veered from fresh by the end of the day, it was an improvement over the previous week. Tomorrow will be even better.


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