Wisdom from Caroline Myss

Expectations are usually predicated on the idea that the everyday things that happen to ordinary people shouldn’t happen to you. People hold the idea of being ordinary in absolute contempt, so when they face an illness, poverty, or any kind of catastrophe, they say, “I can’t believe this happened to me.” And who did you think it was going to happen to—the woman across the street? It makes them think, “I must be on the wrong path.” But what if something you thought was bad was the best thing that ever happened to you? What if that was part of your path? Life on Earth will never be fair the way we expect it to be.

Just a little nugget from Caroline Myss. For the full article, published in Oprah magazine, check out this link. The article triggered a flood of “ah-has” and “amens” – this is just one of them. Read it.

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