All is well, when we just let it be

Yay for the weekend! Today’s weather was totally schizophrenic – it was a rainy/sunny/rainy/sunny kind of day. Vea sent me a text that said “this weather needs a shrink”. I have to admit, it made me laugh.

Since it was so unpredictable out, she stayed home with puppy and did awesome things like bleaching the bathroom tile, while I was at work. She sent a text mid-day, reporting that Charlie was being uncooperative. This was a little while before I discovered that I had stashed my on-call work phone in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. (It got lost in my lunch bag). I spent the rest of the afternoon in Hilo town, catching up on paperwork and noticing beauty in the simple things.

I also compiled a short list of recent realizations that have freed me from the trap of crap-tastic thinking:
1) No matter what the problem is, a variety of solutions are always accessible. In order to tap into the solutions, we must first stop being deeply attached to the problem itself.
2) Life doesn’t have to be hard. Most of it is actually pretty simple and a lot of us MAKE it hard because we think we have to. But really, very few things are worth that twisted kind of effort, and there is little to no desirable payoff for doing it. Time to leave that habit in the dust, me thinks.
3) The energy of allowing is so much more productive and powerful than the energy of forcing. I want to align with the energy of allowing in my life every single day. I’m so glad to have recognized the difference so I can proceed accordingly.



  1. Love #2 realization – I might need to read that a few more times! Also, just cracked up about your phone being in your lunch bag because it’s totally something that I would do and then have to call it to find it.

    • Thanks – #2 is a biggie for me too. You’d probably like that these realizations are coming when I’m running. I had some sort of mental block that kept telling me I could only do so much and then it would be “hard” – but I called BS on it – sometimes things are only hard if we expect them to be, want them to be, or need them to be. Goal for yesterday was 4 miles and I did 4.5. Could’ve done 5 probably but why use up all my awesome-ness in one day?? 🙂 He he he. Glad to hear I’m not alone with the phone thing…. 😉

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