Restrictions lifted!!

Woooo0-hooooooooooooo! Christmas came early!!!!!!!!!!

What am I talking about? Don’t you know? December 19 is the day I’ve been anxiously awaiting for SIX WHOLE WEEKS! Today marks 6 weeks since my discharge from the hospital, which means, the end of the restrictions on physical activity.

I’ve been doing some jogging, some walking, a tiny bit of swimming and getting re-acquainted with the elliptical. It’s been a lot of fun and overall it has made me realize how easy it is to take a healthy, strong body for granted.

There are people with physical limitations who would give anything to be able to stand, to walk, to run… to do push-ups and planks and crunches.. and they wouldn’t DREAM of bitching about it. Which brings me to gratitude. I’m thankful today, and every day, for the body I’ve been given, and for all it’s able to do.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with Jillian Michaels. She doesn’t know it but I’m planning on kicking her ass!



  1. Congrats! You’re absolutely right – it’s so easy to take a healthy body for granted. I have been really lazy since Thanksgiving and basically haven’t worked out in three weeks. This was a nice reminder to think of exercise as a privilege rather than a chore. Have a great Wednesday!

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