Ho ho ho…. Happy Holidays, and all that jazz.

Here we are, another Monday… with only a week until Christmas. Hawea and I have been a little slow to catch the holiday spirit this year.

Our tree is up (lit, but naked).

 photo (8)

We’ve actually discussed the idea of leaving it bare because at this point, we’ll just have to turn around and take everything off it in a few days. Are we lazy? Or just tired? I’m going with tired. If there is a Christmas miracle and we end up getting it together, I’ll post a better picture.

I have a mental list of gifts I intend to buy. It’s liberating that neither of us are hugely materialistic, and it takes the stress and pressure out of the whole shopping scene. I’m just looking forward to gathering with family and friends on Christmas Eve and sharing the love. And having breakfast on Christmas morning, celebrating being together. That’s really all we need. And I love that everyone involved feels the same way. That’s special stuff, people. 🙂


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