A french fries and donuts kind of day

photo (5)I admit it. I purposely sought out more donuts loaded with bacon… and ate them. 🙂 My “reason” is that I had an all day training to attend. What better way to deal with boredom and fatigue than to eat random crap? Well, now that it’s over and I have a sugar high, I can think of a lot better ways to deal with it. But it sounded good at the time.

The trainer, to her credit,  does a great job of making sure there are healthy options. Today’s choices were fruit salad, carrot slices with hummus, chips with salsa, a bunch of cheese and fruit danishes, and two boxes of fancy froo-froo confections. Of course I ignored the fruit and vegetables and loaded up on the sugar and the sodium. And to top it off, I had Burger King drive through for lunch.

Guess what? I only feel a little bad about it. Just the regular guilt that comes from eating crap, but I’m free from the worry that I’ll spend the night in agony. It’s so nice to be able to have “a French fries and donuts kind of a day” once in a while and feel like a normal, careless person.

It’s just for today though. Tomorrow I plan to be back to good choices. Need to stock up on produce and get the juicer out again!!

Over and out.


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