A house divided: Avocado enchiladas. Awesome or Evil?

We had tons of avocados and tortillas left over from the shrimp taco night, so I thought tonight was the perfect time to try a new recipe from Pinterest. (This is the point where you say, “Ah, she should’ve known better. Things always look better on the internet“. “) Pretty much any recipe I randomly find online has good flop potential. I don’t know if I’m cruising the wrong sites or what.

But I digress… we had the ingredients the recipe called for, AND, it was a way to use stuff up. I hate letting avocados go bad.

Here’s a picture of the finished product:

The "Evil Enchiladas" , of which we will never speak again.
The “Evil Enchiladas” , of which we will never speak again.

The point of contention was the avocado filling. The recipe called for a mixture of minced garlic cloves, 1/4 cup lime juice, 1/3 cup honey and a “scant tablespoon” of cumin. It was … gross, just by itself. I can admit it. Super sweet and citrusy and not in a refreshing way.

HOWEVER (and this is where opinions diverge)… the filling was quite tasty (obviously, my opinion) when stuffed into a tortilla along with pepperjack cheese and topped with a green chile cream sauce. It was extra good with a dollop of light sour cream and a drizzle of salsa verde on top.

Weighing in with a review of “disgusting and horrible” would be my sweet Vea, who did manage to choke out the words “but it was a valiant effort”. She even went so far as to puke. Three separate times. While yelling “what did I ever do to you? Are you trying to kill me?” It was a little over the top.

As a pre-emptive strike, I have been officially banned from cooking anything with avocado, lime and honey EVER AGAIN. This was repeated ad nauseum, just in case the trifecta of vomiting didn’t clue me in to how offensive she found the flavors.

She’s SURE it has nothing to do with the fact that she sucked down a Pina Colada right before eating it and doused the entire thing in Sriracha hot sauce. I’m not entirely convinced.

The next conversation went like this:

Vea:(Remorseful and apologetic)  I’m sorry, I tried to be nice.

Me: Um, you failed miserably.

Vea:  Well, so did you!

Me: (confused) I failed at being nice?

Vea: You failed at COOKING!

While it might sound harsh – we got some good laughs and had a good time sparring. We declared a truce before bed, and I have promised to make the leftovers disappear from the fridge.

Is now a good time to mention I had seconds?? 😉


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