Sometimes you gotta spice things up!

This was a CRAZY work day. The work phone started ringing early and I found myself still in my pajamas at noon, because I was too busy with  calls to stop and get dressed. (I did squeeze in time to make juice for breakfast . We did a mean green detox today,  and I made some fresh tea out of chopped ginger root, lemon wedges and agave syrup.) I flew out the door to make it to my 12:30 meeting on time, and picked up a turkey wrap for lunch. Beth had made homemade guacamole, so we snacked on that too. Afterward, I snuck over to Starbucks for a salted caramel mocha frappucino.

This falls into the category of self bribery.

Even though the day was chaotic, it was still good. My perspective has changed in the past few weeks and a lot of things are starting to fall into the “no big deal” category.  Normally I would’ve been annoyed that my phone started ringing at 6 am with screaming people on the other end of the line. Today though, I just went with it. I did what I could to help, and did so from my heart. I  got through the meeting and then headed to the beach for some quiet time.

I like to think of the beach as self medication. Something tells me this guy thinks so too.
I’m so grateful to be healthy enough to work, and to be doing it in such a beautiful, amazing place. Thankfulness is a state of being.

On the way home  I stopped by the store to pick up potato chips, chocolate and pretzels for my oh-so-nutritious Crohn’s diet. I had to laugh when I saw this in the parking lot:

A sign from the universe maybe??

Vea was waiting for me when I got home with a huge pot of “Fire In The Hole” Pumpkin soup. It was an experimental recipe, involving pumpkin, coconut milk,  coconut flakes, ginger, garlic, shredded chicken,  a carrot/veggie puree, turmeric, and a little too much cayenne pepper. Hence the endearing name. We ate it over steamed white rice. Halfway through, my nose was running and my tongue was burning, so I did what any desperately hungry person would  do – I scooped out half an avocado and mixed the chunks right in. What a brilliant solution. I never would’ve dreamed that pumpkin, chicken and avocado could blow my tastebuds up like that – this time in a good way. The creamy coolness of the avocado, the subtly sweet (yet wickedly spicy) pumpkin madness made for a party in my mouth. Especially when poured poured over a hearty mix of rice and savory chicken. This was something the restaurants charge the big bucks for. It’s the stuff starving people dream of. Trust me, I know. Well done, V!!

Yummy doesn’t even begin to describe this.

We’re already plotting what to do with the remainder, since she made a giant pot. I’m voting for adding cream cheese. Anyone want to join us for leftovers?


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