Dear Nutrients, I love you!

There are MANY great things about being home after nearly a month away, but at the top of the list is being reunited with the JUICER!!! Since surgery, I’ve been attempting to follow a low fat / low fiber diet, which doesn’t leave much room for fruits and veggies. My insides are SO SO SO happy to get straight up nutrients once again, and this is only the first day. As you’ll see below, I’m still eating a lot of stuff that’s traditionally considered “crap food”. It’s very strange to wrap my brain around the fact that empty calories, refined carbs, etc. are “good” for me. As I’m working on the mental shift, I have a feeling that juicing will be my saving grace.

This morning’s breakfast:

Celery, cucumber, Fuji apple, Meyers lemon, ginger root, kale

Mean Green – doesn’t that look yummy?

It was good fuel for a busy day. I’m finding that I need to strike a happy medium for calorie intake. The past couple of weeks I’ve been hoovering in 3000 calories a day (at least) with ease, but that can’t be sustainable long term. The enormity of my appetite is a little shocking. It’s hard to say if it’s a side effect of the prednisone, the lack of fiber (which is a filler) or if it’s a result of my body coming out of months of a sad starvation mode. Not that I’m complaining, but it’s such a contrast from life a month ago and I haven’t quite found a healthy balance yet.

Now that we’re home, I’m trying to rebuild some sort of exercise routine. I took Jack for a long walk and played with Hoku in the backyard. We did 5 laps of jogging, which was more effort than I was expecting, considering it’s a tiny yard. I did some lunges, squats, bicep curls and some tricep stuff. I’m dying to do pushups and some core work but I can’t get into that until 6 weeks from surgery. I know it might sound weird, but physical activity is one of the best ways to re-establish a sense of normalcy. I hope I never take physical strength and mobility for granted again.

I was starving again by the afternoon (and trust me, I ate a lot after my first juice)- so we made another batch. This time, cranberry, carrot, apple. It was GOOD!!!

Cranberries, carrots, Granny Smith apple; not pictured, Fuji apple

Pretty in pink! This was really tart, but good. Next time, I’ll add more carrots and swap the Granny Smith for 2 Fujis to balance the taste a little. It’s awesome served chilled on ice.

Other grub not pictured: Jimmy Dean DeLite breakfast sandwich with egg whites and canadian bacon, Keebler reduced fat club crackers, Oscar Meyer thin sliced honey ham, reduced fat Easy Mac, an ice cream cone from McDonalds, reduced fat Ritz crackers, and dinner… new york strip steak with the fat trimmed off, instant mashed potatoes and well cooked broccoli. Enjoyed with 1/2 glass of wine and followed with a piece of pumpkin pie. I was STILL hungry after all that, so opted for some hot tea. It’s probably a good idea to save the “fat pants”.


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