Black Friday, Sunshine style

Aaaaaahhhh, it’s good to be home!!! Yesterday’s flight from LA to Hilo was super smooth. Lots of empty seats (I guess most people don’t fly on holidays), so there was plenty of room to stretch out and rest. The plane landed an hour ahead of schedule, making for a darn good ending to a really great day. This is probably where I should confess that we had McDonald’s drive thru for dinner. Greasy fast food definitely wasn’t my first preference, but options are limited at 9:00 pm on Thanksgiving night. After a grilled chicken sandwich and some crackers with peanut butter, my tummy was happy and all was right with the world. Yes, in case you’re wondering, I was thankful!

Today was an errands day. We were out of the basics, so I braved the crowds – on the biggest shopping day of the year – and headed to Target. I couldn’t believe how great it felt to walk around in 70 degree weather in my baggy jeans, t-shirt, wild hair, and flip flops. No socks, people!!! I commented how “I feel so Hilo today” and Vea agreed – there’s such a laid back vibe here that’s so different from anywhere else we know. (Sigh. We love Hilo!) It was fun to pull it together and dress nice while we were gone, but… well, you know me. 🙂

Because it makes perfect sense to wear a knit hat on a day like today!

In case you’re wondering, my awesome hat is a shout out to Portland. I picked it up at the Athleta store, after a visit to Powell’s. It’s a reminder of a great day, and when I wear it, I can’t help but smile and feel the love.

Today’s highlight was a trip to KTA to stock the fridge. I picked up a bunch of produce for the juicer – but I was too tired to execute once we got home. A ton of kale, cucumber, apples, ginger root, carrots, cranberries are now living in our veggie crisper. I had some puny lemons in a bag, but Vea noticed that the Meyers’ lemon tree in the backyard is starting to produce fruit. For once we may have an actual use (other than “adult lemonade”) for all that fruit!

For dinner, we had ground chicken burgers on Punaluu sweetbread buns, with pumpkin pie for dessert.

A day late is better than never!

For being a beer drinking meat eater, Vea sure is embracing the dietary changes with love. She didn’t complain about swapping out chicken for beef; she didn’t bat an eye at the reduced fat mayo, which is courageous, considering that stuff has a weird texture; and she scraped the sesame seeds off my bun (following the hospital dietician’s advice), when I could have easily done it myself. For a day called “Black Friday”, mine was anything but dark.


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